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Violence against Teachers 3/21

I just read an article from a Rutgers' study that claims that one third of teachers claimed violence was committed against them in some form during the pandemic and that violence is increasing against educators. Instead of taking the stance that the children committing this violence need to be re-educated and schooled that violence against teachers, or anyone for that matter, is not okay, the article focused on training teachers better to handle these acts committed against them, and traditional schooling for teachers is not working.

Though I agree that traditional schooling for teachers is not working and needs to be re- imagined, I am not sure that it is the duty of teachers to be trained against violence in the classroom . . . better ways to diffuse these situations, maybe. However, it should be the administration's plan to develop a way to handle and reschool these violent offenders instead of putting it back on the teachers as if it is their responsibility. Administrations should put a plan in place to secure the safety of teachers! It can be multi-faceted with a teacher portion of steps to take but the majority of this problem should fall on the student, the parents and society as a whole.

It is funny that the article did not mention the homes or parents of these students that seem to be fostering negativity against teachers, or a society that has gotten less respectful and ungrateful towards others. This is not a one group deal. Teachers have enough on their plate without having to defend themselves from entitled violent offenders in the classroom even if they are in elementary.

Somehow, folks, we have got to get back on track.

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