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No Abortions 'Cause Why?

I am still having a hard time understanding why people can't just live and let live. Why are we constantly trying to impose our views in personal matters on others? I cannot fathom how any man can decide a woman's pregnancy fate, especially when it comes to include rape, incest, mal-formed child, or just plain life choice. We haven't grown that much since, "What do you mean no? You know you want it," says he.

Certainly we have enough children growing up with poverty, drugs, bad parenting, and technological babysitters. We don't need more unwanted, messed-up children. We can't take care of the ones we have!

I love Amy Comey Barrett's logic here. "Well, they just have to have them. Then they can give them up for adoption if they don't want them."

Really Amy? Maybe your two adopted kids are doing swell with no side effects but it doesn't always work that way. A lot of couples and single parents don't want a baby with significant disabilities. Children, in general, can be very time consuming and a great burden. And again, adopters? You're talking about people who have enough means and intelligence to blow through the red tape. You can't just give them to the first person who raises their hand, "Ooh!"

And then what about the birth mother who just gave up nine months of her life, not being able to care for her child and is left with unresolved feelings of guilt when she gives it away. Why does she have to be made a demon for her choice, even if it is only in her head.? Why is an unformed baby worth more than a live woman, young or old, who is already trying to make her way through a difficult world?

First, we must take care of what we have. It is irresponsible and degrading to see women in the same light as a sort of puppy mill. "A woman's job is to have the baby like it or not." Yes, we need more thorough education on the subject. That is for sure. (I say this as many people, the same people, are trying to squash sex education and health in even middle school grades.) Don't teach them about sex but make them pay the price for their ignorance or their mistake! And not just them... their parents, their friends and you know, the baby can pay too!

While I'm at it, the same people who are against abortions are also against taking AK47's off the street. Yeah! Let's make more baby's so we can make sure we have more to kill on the streets as they grow up.

I do not get the logic here. We are walking backwards in a bad dream with guns threatening women to have babies, and make people be other than who they are, where mis-interpreters of the bible and constitution, feel they have to control everyone's personal choices before focusing on the bigger problems our world now faces or themselves. It reminds me of that old saying, " Up against the wall, Mother-F..." as people of different races, genders, and thought are brought to their knees.

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