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Guns Don't Belong in Schools

Why are we doing nothing about guns in schools? What has to happen in order for us to take action on this? Can't we come up with some type of scanner that can detect a weapon? We came up with a scanner that reads temperatures during the pandemic. We most likely have the technology to do this. If we can't get some kind of law for the banning of guns, can't we at least ban them and trace them in schools so some kind of an alarm goes off and the school goes into lockdown before a deadly event happens?

And what about Ghost guns. Kids as young as middle school are making these in their basement and selling them. Creative minds wreaking havoc. Where is the think tank and brainstorming that should be happening around this issue.

Giving teacher's guns is not the answer. A teacher would either have to carry a gun around with him all day or lock it up so a student couldn't have access to it. Knowing your teacher is carrying may present a challenge to some students on how to get the gun. Even if it's in fun, that is when accidents happen.

We have seen policemen use their gun at inappropriate times in the face of what they feel is danger. That, too, could happen with teachers. A teacher might have to pursue an intruder, leaving students as open targets instead of protecting them and keeping them calm.

There is little discussion around this issue. Is it that wealthier districts feel it won't happen there or no one cares enough about the poorer districts where education is suffering and gun violence runs rampant.

Either way this issue should come into the forefront of education discussions. No one can learn if they are taking their life in their hands just going to school.

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