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Banning Books Blah, blah, blog

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

The only new thing I want to mention here is this new ban on books going around.

Are these the same people who were against masks and vaccines and cancel culture?

Canceling books is okay with them. "Oh, we don't want our child to read that or know about that. You'll spoil his innocence. That's pornographic!" Have you ever read the Bible?

Hey yo, Life is pornographic now. We, on both sides have lost our morality. We have had a president that said horrible things about people and gave permission for others to do the same. People, children don't care who their audience is. Not good. Social media has driven a stake into the heart of innocence and things are acceptable today in society that never would have been acceptable years ago.

Why are we so divisive now? Why do we have to have separate groups for everyone...the women, the blacks, the trans, the gays, the immigrants...? And keep pointing them out? It's ridiculous. We don't need to be constantly aware of anything you are, except another human being! And as a human, if you are not evil, we respect you and embrace you.

If you want to write a book and make it available... hey- that is cool. You have something to say. But it doesn't have to be graphic, authors.

The purpose of books is to teach, share, and grow, expand our acceptance and knowledge.

We don't have to agree. We don't have to read these books if we don't like them. But we do not have the power to dictate to others what they should learn and teach and read. First amendment rights, remember...We were screaming so loud about them in rude ways not too long ago.

Personally, I don't like sexually graphic movies or books so I don't watch or read them. Simple. I have the freedom to do that. And teachers have the right to not recommend books to their students.

Not everyone's going to like you or see things through your eyes. (yes, of course they should, haha) Some are not ready to have preferences being shoveled at them at every turn. Everyone needs to have some flexibility. Time takes TIME...Things I Must Earn.

For now, we have to start with that old adage "Live and let live."

Close your eyes when you see something that requires your acceptance of new ideas and people and say to yourself, "Shhh . . . Live and let live." Let authors write about whatever they need to. And stop screaming about freedom when you don't believe in it.

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Mar 23, 2022

So far I agree with all your blogs! Keep On!!!

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