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And Justice for All?

You may be aware that Ohio just passed a law that teachers can carry guns in school. Personally, I am against teachers or administration or anyone except a security guard or police officer carrying guns in school.

In my mind, there are too many ways that accidents can happen. I mean, a gun would have to be locked up, right? The teacher would have to get to the gun case, fumble with the lock, hope the gun doesn't accidently go off, aim correctly so the bullet doesn't ricochet off a locker or something else or accidently hit a student. This just doesn't seem feasible.

You can't keep a gun in an open drawer or a purse where a student or other person having a bad day can get at it. To me, this line of thought just doesn't make sense. I can visualize students grabbing at teachers' pant legs to see if they have a gun strapped to their ankles... a new game. In a dangerous situation, adrenaline is coursing through your body. All that training, that you hopefully had, was not in a pressurized situation. What happens when fight or flight kicks in?

No, I don't believe students should be sitting ducks or the teacher, for that matter. Somehow, we have got to be more diligent about security and security systems. Mental health issues alone are not the answer. It seems that some of our leaders have serious mental health issues. I mean, honestly, after the pandemic, who doesn't have a mental health issue? Society is breaking down. Who can even say what normal is anymore? Doesn't everyone have some anger issues or depression from time to time? I thought that was normal and human, but nowadays, who knows what those feelings may escalate to?

Yesterday, on my most unfavorite TV station, I heard that ever since they got rid of prayer in schools, schools have been overrun by democratic, liberal thinking so when you hear those words like "equity for all, social justice, just think of the brainwashing that's happening to our kids." I learned that they put the words "under God" into the pledge to appease the angry Christians. The host then went on to reiterate that our kids are being inundated with ideals like equal rights! "The democrats are doing this to your kids!"

Really?! Is this what normal is now? How sick and sad that teachers carrying guns should be more normal than equality, love, peace and justice for all.

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